Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"


Great interpretation. Brings me back to the broken bridge...and leaving my horse behind....


This is one of the best zelda songs, and strangely one of the least remixed. Great job. Personally i think it was cool to have a slow version. Keep up the good work!

10 years ago since I heard this for the first time

To me, this is the most nostalgic song I ever heard.
It reminds me of Nintendo's early masterpieces. Nowadays, they're doing games for people who doesn't like video games, it's a shame to believe they created OOT before they got money-hungry.

Oh well. Your song is beautiful and I love the sounds you used in this. Gotcha84 was complaining about how your song wasn't fast. He's right, but hell, let's be original sometimes, shall we? Trance is quite good, yes. But slow songs are awesome too. Just like this song.

Keep it up bro!

A bit slow but meh.

I thought it was a bit too slow... I mean, if it were up to me, I'd have made a more trance-like and upbeat song. That would've been a nice remix. I just don't feel comfortable with the melody being so soft... but since it says, "Gerudo Valley Death Song", I'll treat it and review it as a pessimistic, sad song.

In that context, I think you did a nice job. The softer melody fits for a sad song, and it's an interesting listen. Surprisingly, the piano piece didn't get very repetitive (which I thought it would after the first few seconds). I think you could've added a few more instruments, but all in all, I think you did a pretty good job.

I'd love to see more. :)

Very Simple...But Delivers Extraordinarily...

Really cool remix, one of my favorite tunes from the Legend of Zelda universe. Simply awesome.