Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"


everybody dance!
yaaaaay yaaaay yaaaaay
...my anus is bleeding
yaaaay yaaaaaay yaaaaay
yaaaay yaaaay yaaaay
for the love of all that is holy MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!
yaaaay yaaaay yaaaay
waaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *drowns*
good song lol

love it...since i love zelda, it sounds even betta

Dude, i would totaly give u prize like a trophie or somethin like that!...but sorry, im outta stock! I still gave u a 5/RESPECT keep it on, i respect u !


My opinion on this song is basically what paladinofmana said word for word.


Like Honey, and techy, like acid. This track's like Honey and Acid.
Instead of a ruined Castle Town, Link awakens to find himself in Club Hyrule. His Master Sword a glow baton, and the usually decayed and rotting buildings and streets a sweet ass dance floor and hanging platforms where Gorons are laying down sick beats that got the crowd under their control.
Probably went on far enough now, keep it up.

I have something to say to you

Hey, you better check this review here. Do I have your attention? good.

This has got to be the best Gerudo mix I have ever heard in my life, and trust me, I have heard quite alot. They why the music sounds, how its sounds so mystical, while still depicting the desert from Legend of Zelda OOT. You make sure to keep making songs buddy, becuase you can not let this mixing talent go to waste, you blended the instructments perfectly, you had the song at the right volume, and you honored the Zelda series in this song, without ruining it or angering zelda fans, you didn't try to do some weird funky you just improved it. Keep making songs man, you need to, I wish i could write more about this, but I just want to download more songs for tonight, but trust that this is going to be on the top 10 list.