Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"

kinda majestic

was that what u were going for? cuz its kinda soothing, makes ya want to sway and relax, like i said, majestic. this is very nice. good sleep music and good mood placer i think


Great, but kinda quiet. You need to turn up the voume a bit.

This get ten ten!

I rike this rong time!
Very good for morning exercise! Make spirit strong! I rever up faster!


this is such a cool song i love legend of zelda and you just made a already cool song cooler XD


I downloaded about 70 songs from newgrounds this past hour and After this one was crossed I had to write a review, I mean come on this was my favorite song from the game game and I wasn't gonna leave it reviewless. I don't know what to say other than god damn your a fucking god.

Make more loz songs please, Your fans need you!

brkzeld responds:

Thanks, but I wouldn't go so far as to say im a god.... well anyways, I just created a new loz song called Dark World Death March... Check it Out!