Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"

Absolutely great!

I love how u mixed the diffrent sounds together
to make it into a techno mix
Greeat song!

Could be a little more upbeat.

But an amazing remix, nonetheless.

took a good song, made it better

you cant go wrong with techno gerudo.


Wow I remember this song! I remember hearing a remix of it back in the day and I LOVED it. This version brings back many good memories. Thank you for making this :) What is the name of the original track? Keep up the good work.

brkzeld responds:

Gerudo Valley

Eh. Pretty Good

Pretty good mixing, but its not up-beat enough for me. Don't get me wrong, you did a pretty good job of mixing this, but it could use a little more percussion or drum and base. I like the fast paced Gerudo Valley songs a bit more. I think you did a pretty good job on this one, so I urge you to remake this with a bit mor rock/ hip hop feel so it's a little bit more hardcore. Keep up the good work!