Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"

good but

the guitar part though sounds a little off i don't think it was a straight rhythm i'm pretty sure it was more of a triplet thing if you're going for a less flamenco/ spanish feel then thats cool but im not a huge fan other than that though good.

good remix

damn good, it would sound better whitout the echoes, but it's great anyway

Fantastic =D

I loved it!
Your first game remix was amazing, you must be kicking ass now!

I'd love to hear your take on Saria's song!

brkzeld responds:

oooo good idea... I might just have to do that!

the intros a bit long

but once you get past that its amazing, what did you use to remix this?

brkzeld responds:


Me like :)

Yes i Agree that the intro was too long and i was just about to stop it when the intro ended and i was like this isnt so bad :) nice work, i used to play this game on N64 and I now play it on Emulator... Its zelda ocarina of time isnt it?

brkzeld responds: