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Save The Blobs (Level 1)

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This is the first level of the game. Ive made each level as a separate file to keep the file sizes down. If you like it, please add a review. After playing this level, try out the next few levels as well. They get better!

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Hey, this is an interesting idea for a game! A regular platformer with a twist, kinda. There's not much plot involved, but there's plenty of variation and puzzle, and it's a lot of fun to play. Keep it going!


ive played lego quest but

i could never win though i love shooting things u should make a lego qeust 2 thats long an theres more guns an more stuff u can do i would really like if u agree or dissagree message me yes or no


I love it! MAKE A SAVE THE BLOBS 7!!!!!!!! I want to play it. :)

i cant exit levels...

and i don`t even like it that much it`s not that fun and you can get stuck easily...plus too easy.

good game

very short and simple, but i remember when this one first came out and it was fun then and its fun now. the gameplay is simple, though it can be a good challenge if you don't know what you're doing. i thought id reviewed this game... guess its a good thing i came back and played it.