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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"

at least

First, I'd just like to say that I note you haven't submitted anything for a long while. If you do ever read this review, I'd just love to know if you will ever treat us to more of your games.

I played this 2 or 3 years ago, but really wanted to play it again today.

It is an awesome game. The graphics are totally basic, with no walking animation and simplistic jumping, but it's fun and there's a good bit of strategy in there.

I played it 5 1/2 times today. Results below.

Fail (forgot about the time limit)
328 (I deliberately lost a life to gain 2 coins)
playing to admire your level, found the alarm clock

The system you have of 1-way doors, trapdoors and the various collectables makes the first part of the game a lovely area to explore and 'work out'.

I like the fact that you have these slippery slopes and stuff when you could've been boring and used 1-way doors for them, as far as the game mechanics are concerned. It does add visual interest.

In a way, the 'jerky animation' kinda makes the game more precise, putting the focus clearly on us working out which way to navigate etc. and not needing to worry so much about perfect timing.

The graphics are a bit crappy, but the game shines through.

One bit I don't like too much - on the boss, it took me a while to realie that repeatedly pressing the button was what was causing me to not kill him - as each time I pressed the button, the single laser restarted its path.

It's an awesome game. Well worth playing to completion at least.

It would be totally brilliant if you submitted any more stuff or maybe just replied, to say you're alive.

STay funky,
- Bez

whatafunnygeezer responds:

Hey Bezman!

Cheers for the nice long review! Glad you remembered my game after 3 years haha!

I agree the graphics are very shoddy... my style has improved a lot since then, as I've been doing an animation course at university. Have a look at bog standards, i made that for uni!

And if its fun exporing puzzle games your after, try my Lego Quest, if you havent already played it. I submitted that 3 years ago too, but they blammed it for some reason, so I re-submitted it today.

Have you played all 6 levels of save the blobs? They get harder!!

The window size is too big.

It's alright. I had to constantly use the scroll buttons to see everything.


a fun game, only way you can improve this sort of game is to improve on your character animations. controls were very well done.

((( WOW )))

That is just plan awsome, to get all the elements that are within a game like this is just plain cool, great work really great work, the play control of the character was very smooth and on contact, great layout aswell, with great button placement...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Very interactive, very original...



Man, two freaking seconds before i reach the exit door. O_O

Anyways, this game is spiffyalicious.