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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"


It's good to see more games like this on NG, I'll be checking out the rest of the levels... good job.


Fucking easy (for me) but fucking fun too.

not bad

what was the point of the code. i havent played the others but thats all i noticed really.


Not that hard.
The boss wasn't really necessary cause he's so easy but I guess it adds fun to the story. Maybe add a cheat where you have infinite time? =)
The blobs are SO cute when they cheer, I couldn't believe that =).
Keep up the good work!

best wishes



I liked the game it hd a low file and it was fun. My only question is why do I have to save the blobs? OH well. If you say these games get better #5 must be one of the best games on newgrounds