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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"

I love your games!

I lvoe the way you do your games. I have't come across a bad one yet. :)

not bad

the secrets for this level:walk into the yellow light and press T for 2 free lives, though i could not find any time bonus item... to beat the boss wait till the spike passes then press 2 (its said by the author on an earlier post, but i wanted to throw it in here). If you don't get why im writin this, read the profile.

whatafunnygeezer responds:

i assure you, there is a hidden alarm clock in there somewhere


i dont know what whent wrong but it wouldnt respond when i pressed y, n, or t pleese check this!!

whatafunnygeezer responds:

yeh i forgot to allow for whether you had caps lock on or not, which you probably did seeing as it didnt work. ive fixed it now, so it should work with or without caps lock on.

Nice dude!

This game is very neat! :P I laughed at the "oohh so secret code!". LOL Inc.!


Did you ever consider going pro and and selling you minigames? Id buy them hats for sure.

whatafunnygeezer responds:

well its all very well saying that, but youve got to get your work noticed first! and it looks like im going the right way about it!