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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"

nicely done

that was cool...very challenging! i completed it after a while...is it possible to kill the spike monster without the gun??? anywasy i would like to see another!!!!!

Great job! Make some more!

That is the first engaging game I have played. Very good job, I look forward to more.


That was the type of flash game I had never seen before. I hope, that people agree, that this is one quality game, and it needs a second part. Good work.


This was kinda cool, keep it up, and improve the control, and add some animation

Not what I would call a masterpiece but...

It wasn't that bad. The small size file, some nice interactivity makes it a nice platform game. (By the way, the 0 for the sound is because I muted my speakers.)

Actually, I will be expecting the next levels. To complete this review, I will say what you should add:

First, add more time and blobs. It was annoying of missing time the first time I played.

Second, it was too easy other than that. Add more difficulty like monsters, or puzzles, like that little secret code. (Hehe) ;) (Hint for those who don't know: It has something to do with a mirror...)

I don't know if it is just me, but that game was kinda unstable, but my PC kept freezing (Had to reset it 2 or 3 times). Still, pretty nice game.

Keep it up ! :)