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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"

Its fun

I'm liking it. The graphics and sound arnt great, but its a fun puzzle. The boss could have been harder though. Keep em coming, I'm having a blast.

Quite nice

Nice game. I'm a fan of puzzle games, and this one didn't dissapoint. Keep up the nice work.

the game sucks like your fuckin picture!!!

dont open, it has a VIRUS! the game really sucks!! please dont try to see it! goddamn! its like a work of a 3 year old boy here in the philippines!

whatafunnygeezer responds:

whats the point of saying it has a virus? is that some kind of dodgy april fools joke?

Very cool puzzle game, quite short though.

Although this game is very short it is quite addictive. Took me about 5 minutes to complete the first level but it had some replay value to it. There are some interesting ideas in it which are quite original that make this game more fun to play.

Can't beat the boss!!!!

I cannot beat the boss.. can someone tell me how 2?? but other than that it was a good game, now to TRY and beat 2,3, and 4..

whatafunnygeezer responds:

ok, seeing as this is just the first level, i'll help you out... you press 2 to shoot the laser at the spike monster geezer. Youve got to get the timing right though, shoot just after the spike passes you but just before he shoots the next spike, cos your laser won't pass his spikes!

Level 1 is the only level with a boss, because i decided that these puzzle games are more about the problem solving than trying to shoot people... the other reason of course is that the bosses are a bit of a bugger to program!