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Reviews for "Save The Blobs (Level 1)"

Really good

That was awesome!

You're my new favorite author!

This game was awesome!

I'll be playing number 2 shortly :)

God damn....

Sorry to take the lord's name in vein but this is good!

I like this level. The others are getting harder.

Check on the fifth level review and i'll put what i think could be improved


Once again i love those maze games, where its more in the mind than in the blood and gore. I guess the best of the graphics were the blobs, they were rather cute.... aside of that tho i say if you can work on the pictures you could make this a really really good game

It shows...

Ok, let's review...
Bad graphics, not-so-great music, short game...yes it's still so f***ing amazing! Martin has definatly proved that quality is purely in the gameplay, and I highly respect him for it! Right...that's the 1st level done, I intend to do the rest right now ^_^

Very good work mate, you're definatly going on my "favourite authors" list.