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Author Comments

People vote me 0 because it's DBZ!. They vote me 0 because they think I trace. I do "not" trace!! This animation is a remake of the DBZ movie 10 ending. The scene of Brolly vs Gohan. I simply replaced names and changed some dialouge. All story, and all audio credits goto Akira Toriyama, creator of DBZ. This took me over 700 hours of work during the summer. Please respect it. I hope you all understand, enjoy the animation and thankyou.

-Blaive J.-

..................................................................................................Oh..here is something funny.
I can see why you defend his movie ssjGOHAN4life January 15, 2003
Reviewed by: Jasonism Overall rating: 3
You obviously dont know how he does this..
1.) He takes a import mpeg or mpg into flash
2.) He traces it with the body parts into just a black stick line then goes over the hair.
3.) He takes sounds from the MPEG or MPG and uses them in the flash.
4.) Most of the sayings in this movie arent truely said in the real movie. DBZ characters never say,"Fuck" no matter if its Japanese or English they dont say it.
5.) He then traces the scenery with line tool and bends it around to look just like it does in the movie.
6.) He puts in the sticks in every frame of the DBZ MPG or MPEG with the scenery,sticks,and accessories and then you get a finished product.

Most main animators (Dave of Stickwars.co.uk , Dann D of Imagegearstudios , Raiden , Ben Thompson of Jensu) and a hell of alot more know this fact.

Blaive's Response:
Did you just say? A fact? Aww, yes. You did. No, you're right about one thing. I did use the sound file. But you didn't need to comment on that, I already did in my description. If you would read carefully. And actually, they do say "fuck" in the DBZ japanese version. I understand how you can say that I trace over the body parts, that may be so. But have you ever thought? maybe i'm just..better than you? Maybe you're jealous? You look at it and assume it's traced. I have witnesses that actually "watched" me make this. Like ssjgohan4life. He watched me before, and many others. And tracing over scenery is incredibly lame dude. Look up DBZ movie 10...no wait..DOWNLOAD it..watch it yourself. Maybe your just mad that I recreated this so well. So fuck off pal.

Oh oh! One more thing! "I don't trace"
actually..I should say this...because this is funny. Now....Noone can really know, if I trace or not? Right? Unless someone literally "watched" me make the movie? In person? Well...If he's trying to tell you that he knows I trace as a "fact" as in..Existing. There, only goes away when the law is broken..etc:
How can he state only possiblites, than say that it is a "fact" Then get some of the fellow animators (such as Dave) and there names...and then say, that they to know this as a "fact" as if..he's ganging on me. If your so sure of yourself, don't gang me dude! ..and something else..Oh yea!!! And for my stick people....I got one layer for the hair, one layer for the facial features, one layer for the body itself, one layer for the shading,and one layer for the shading on the hair..... ...Anyone wanting to watch me animate sometime?:) I'm working on a new movie called "Raid"..Non stick..but unfortunately it's already 7.5 mb and onlt 5% done. But maybe it'll be on TV:D..*wink wink* ..Psshhh, nah! Hell no! It's not DBZ! It's vampires!!!
...Just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore tonight.

......Vampire Katzu: Dude you didnt have to embarass me on the damn review Blaive
Sarahsralphy: That was you?!??!?!
Vampire Katzu: I made the term
Vampire Katzu: Jasonism
Sarahsralphy: DUDE!
Sarahsralphy: WTF
Vampire Katzu: Yes it was me
Sarahsralphy: HOW DARE YOU
Sarahsralphy: I can't forgive you for such an act.
Sarahsralphy: I hate you now..good bye and ...whatever.
Vampire Katzu: That was payback for annoying me wit da faces
Sarahsralphy: My preference is not yours.

And then I just blocked, and deleted him. See what I meen? Fools.

..Ok..I've been talking to him more. I could spend all night explaining this, but he is sorry, admitted jealousy, and feels bad. I understand him. You must as well. He's had a rough life, (not that he's the only one) But please..Hold nothing against "him" except for the information you have just read. Thankyou, I hope you understand. This is Blaive, signing out.

-Blaive J.-

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I don't care if this animator traced it or not. This was 12 years, 9months and 16 days ago....this shit is amazing and will forever will be an shouldn't be underscored opon the amount of time this animator put his hard work and effort into such an intricate and wonderful piece of work that could have been better in ways of voiceing the audio. EIther that or redubbing it would have been nice. But i don't really care... Masako Nozawa-chan is my ideal voice actress as she will forever be a great voice actress in my heart to be the perfect voice for all the characters she plays. But this animation makes up for the lack of redubbing. :) From the day as first made i can only imaging of how easy it is to make something like this now.....


It was ummm... pretty good but it needs alot of work

Nicely done

I enjoyed the animation in this submission. I never did see that movie though, but I do recognize that scene. Good job.


for one will u ppl shut up i dont care if he made it or not all i care about is its awsome

"the fuck"

yea those would be my exact words in tht situation, other than sitting myself and leaving a trail of deficat on the horizon as i FLEW MY ASS AWAY lol.

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2003
6:34 PM EST