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Reviews for "HP v2.0"

Fuck DBZ

Ok subject is erralavent in this comment; othe rthan I hate DBZ this was terrible. You didn't know english well, so unless you are from somewhere other than America or England than therte is a serious problem. One specific example is when you point out one of the characters weakneses as -Cocky-. That doesn't fit. (I know I also have trouble spelling my language but im drunk and at least I use the correct words) It would be Vainity instead of cocky, or something similar. I give it a two however because there was some decent graphics. Much beter than I could do, don't misunderstand me SHITY ANIMATION but decent still drawings. Otherwise I thing you have good potential. Find a new subject and keep playing with the flash creator.

Very good!

Wow, thatw as a great flash keep it up I'd like to see much more from you!


excellent peice of work truly amazing although one thing did make it a tad corny was the names... i know u used those names to represent DBZ characters but the name ralph doesnt go well when they are speaking japanese and u cant spell beat and the dragons name is shenron not shenlong other than that awesome job

wow took you 700 hours to trace this?

i thought it would have taken 100 hours tops wow, gj though i like your work

Great Shit Man

You have a real talent for this, I hope to see more. I really like what I see and you really have captured the movie ending.

And death to all who oppose you!