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Reviews for "HP v2.0"

Very well done.

This is a very good stick recreation of the Z Worriors' fight against Broly. Hope to see a few more submissions like that soon.

great job

you are tallented who ever voted 0 was stupid wanna teach me ?

Best DBZ stick movie i have seen.

This flash is brilliant anyone who says im wrong would probaly have to be blind or one of the deluded fools who watch DBZ flash movies when they dont like it fo the sole purpose of giving it bad reviews.

P.S. Very well done indeed.

3 years on NG

3 years on NG,..still no Collection-award, man this i think though, i find this MUCH better then littlefoot or something, the effects you used when they kill brolly, or tri...i dont knowXD, are so awesome, i never seen that much effect in a flash though...i already are a fan of you're Work,....yeah, and you, but this is just.....man.....



Not to Be vulgar But FUCKIN EH MAN!!! Dopest one yet bar none!