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Reviews for "HP v2.0"

Pretty good.

Hey, this was pretty cool. I can't see how the hell idiots could think you could trace something like this....Has anybody who reviews like that actually tried to make a fricken Flash movie anyway?? (Doubt it, but I can say it would be impossible to trace this...and it would be hard to recreate it too...x.x) I mean, not even rotoscoping from the original film could have these results...let's just say Flash's movie importer doesn't give you the best quality graphics to tell about shading and such, ok??
Anyways, good job. I just have a few things...the names...it kinda didn't make sense why you changed them when everybody who's watching this usually knows the plot of DBZ movie 8 anyway. And the thing with Kakarotto being translated weird was kinda annoying...Pretty funny how you kept Trunks though. Next...well, I dunno. I just wish you tried real figures....you'd probably be awesome at them. This place needs more good quality real figure DBZ stuff because a lot of other people do sticks..*sigh*.
Overall, pretty awesome movie.

I will be fair this time...

...and give you a score based on what you were trying to achieve. You were obviously trying to recreate a scene from DBZ movie 10, and you did a fantastic job. I hope Raid is something you can call your own, or are you going to recreate Blade?

When the FUCK will it load!

It won't play it just keeps loading like this

Loading. Loading.. Loading..., I won't vote you a zero because I like you r work, But I right click and it doesn't play it keeps loading.

I'm gonna go suck my thumb!

Very well done, good job

This was made extremely well. Although hardly anythings changed since the first one, the scene selections and stuff were a nice touch. Keep up the good work.

Good, but...

That was a really good movie.
However, ...
You make yourself look really stupid for making this whole drama of yours readable in the author's comments. Like a little child you defend your point. So much that it becomes ridiculous. And now that you know what is up with the guy that bashed your work, you may do better -deleting- your petty bickering from the author's comments.

Shame on you, chummer.

Sentiantopaque responds:

Well, the thing is. A lot of people were beginning to beleave I traced more and more..And it's kind of a long stroy, which it is. And it was starting to annoy me. So for the people who do think I trace, and are morons, I decided to try ad prove myself. I.baH.......*dies of coughing*