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Reviews for "HP v2.0"

asdf likes jkl;

i never saw the movie yet im going too but 'i know for a fact' that its gonna be good..in case you ndint notice that was mocking the dumbass! and if he thinks they bdont say fuck in the japanese version hes not a true DBZ fan of course and i would like to request something..blaive.. meh juss e-mail me a e-mail that says hey faglord or something due to that fact my email address is shall be klassik_pnoiz12@hotmail.com

a im: kupuhhnooduls2

P.S. blaive is about equal..no wait im starting to think better than the zhu_zhq dude..although his choreography is great..GOOD LUCK hopefully that fag will be banned from NG dot KOM!!! krrrrsssrrsrshhhsrrrrhssshttt. .(tv)

Breath Taking

thats some of the smoothest animation i think i've ever seen in any movie ever! You should try making cartoons man... very nice talent here

all i can say is.,, it was so COOOLLL!!!!!

all i can say is.,, it was so COOOLLL!!!!!


i have seen many dbz knock off's but yours is not a knock off it is done very well i have no complaints the only thing is i wunt to see more nicly done man

Nicely done

I enjoyed the animation in this submission. I never did see that movie though, but I do recognize that scene. Good job.