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Reviews for "HP v2.0"


Honestly i seen this one but cant remember very well but i really am sending this for all of ur submissions. I love all ur work and i want to say the best DBZ flashartist out there and fuck those who dont like and keep doing what u do best. And when is brolly part 6 coming out i'm really anxious to know till then.


You can fool some people with that, but that is all from BROLLY'S SECOND COMING...I notticed you even twisted some of the translation. ^_^

Very Nice!!!

This is Some of the best looking stick animation on NG next to Xiao Xiao and the others, but im a fan of DBZ so this is Great!


....What..the..fuck.. Good job man!

he didnt trace it hrechkaness

This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen I dont understand why some idiots think its traced. The reason I give this movie a 10 and vote a 5 is because the movie itself is very beautiful, nice graphics, (like hair, face etc.) nice backgrounds nice special effects, nice use of photoshop. I think everyone should stop their bitchin and admit that this is the most beautiful flashmovie ever. I'll beat you someday with Budo vs Kabatta 2, Blaive ;) I also grew up with those japanese dbz movies and I can do the same. But you're the best now :)