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Reviews for "HP v2.0"


Nice Animation

bro u suck so much dick

seriously if you made this a man of ur talent wouldnt be doing fuckin flash they would have a JOB as an ANIMATOR for A BIG COMPANY....this is beyond traced this is plagiarism....its funny you say your gonna be making a new movie called Raid? looked that shit up.... where the hell is it.....hmmmm i hate fucks like you who literally take work of hard working artists and turn it into shit....WHOOO THE HELL NEEDS A REMAKE OF THE ENDING SCENE FROM A DBZ MOVIE! this isn't a commemoration to Akira Toryama, if this really WAS your work, you would've added your OWN ideas and scenes into it while still using the sound files.....the only time i bet you spent on this entire Clip from DBZ is the blatant tracing, i could easily submit a flash showing the ending scene of DBZ drawn by Akira's team next to this and basically everything would be the EXACT SAME THING! if you honestly did this and i am wrong, prove it to the person who first caught you by coming out with you Raid flash cartoon you fukin thief!


Absolutely incredible, and the pure comedy that stems from the= seriousness of this movie but with stick dudes and severely british names will always make me laugh


I can say this, you didn't trace anything. The animation was good, but were the stick figures REALLY necessary, you could've done much better. Also why'd you switch the names. All that aside the animation was pretty good. You get no points for story or originality (there might have been a story in the beginning but it was to boring to read all that), but it was good, I'll give you that.


Who cares if you trace or copy scenery or whatever. You made a great flash that took effort and work. I dont care. Even tracing takes effort. so tell them to fuck off and Get a new hobby. because they have got to stop jacking off to your work