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Get your 4X strategy fix in 60 minutes per run, or less!

This is the original PICO-8 edition of a larger, upcoming PC game. You can see how the new version of the game is progressing on its Steam page (where you can also wishlist it, hint, hint). If you'd like to stay up-to-date with the development, check out the Discord server or the Twitter feed.

How to play

The best way to start is the animated quickstart guide, but here is the shortest possible version:

Drag the map around using the right mouse button or the SDFE keys. Click to drop a wormhole that will become your starting point. Then click and drag to find some planets, which you can colonize with your chosen industry. Drag from planet to planet to connect them with a slipway. Try to connect planets that make stuff with planets that need it. Buy structures by dragging them from the bottom-right corner. Research technologies from the top-left corner. Click the heart symbol to check your score.

Make the biggest, baddest, most prosperous empire possible!

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I first played this game around 2 years ago and it's still amazing. I played it every day back then!

ngl I thought it said slip wars xD

A great little retro-styled galactic tycoon kinda thing! I remember first finding this a while back and being very, very confused my first few playthroughs, but it's great fun once you get the gang of it. Such a great atmosphere, too, feels fresh off of a GameBoy Advance! Infinitely replayable.

I'll definitely be repeatedly coming back to this one. As per usual.

As several people have already noted, it's not super intuitive to jump right in, so probably check out the linked guide. After a couple false starts, I had a solid run on the easiest difficulty.

I had a love-hate relationship with Stellaris back when it came out; I liked the exploration and building, but most of the combat and diplomacy stuff felt like it was getting in my way. The puzzle aspect of creating optimal routes in a finite amount of turns gives the game a lot of replayability.

Wishlisting the Steam version for sure (I like the look of it so far, but I would love to see an optional graphic setting where the game assets have the almost-minimal pixel charm of the pico8, but with the wider field of view and control)

It's a good game. However, it is hard, even on the lowest difficulty it can be a challenge. Good job though.