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Reviews for "Slipways"

It's a good game. However, it is hard, even on the lowest difficulty it can be a challenge. Good job though.

Boy was I lost when starting this game, haha! Glad I was able to eventually find the 'How to Play' menu button: maybe make that pop-up automatically when you start a new game, because boy, I can't see anyone figuring this out without it! Gotta say though, even with the help, I was still lost for a good long time: I wasn't aware, for example, that planets could export their product without fulfilling what they need imported first (for example, I thought a mining planet would need people going to it so as to work the mine in the first place, so no ore could come out). Also just seemed to be overly frustrating: so many probes uncovering empty planets or planets I don't need, everything I needed was too far apart from others, and so on. I know it all sounds bad, but I'll admit, though, once my first run ended and I realized more how everything worked and that runs were short to get a score, I was actually quite eager to get back in and try again! Definitely an ambitious game that has a lot of nice little touches to it and cool juicy graphics: maybe a little more help with the onboarding process in terms of explaining goals/score and basic gameplay, and from there, it should be great as-is!

good i like game what is pixel ;3 good work

Nice little game,

My thoughts are similar to @Hadronic,
especially the UNDO feature should be there (regarding slipways created and regarding industry selected).

It reminds me a lot of SpaceBucks by Sierra from I think 1996:

I was surprised to see that the tutorial is in fact not included in the game. I think i would have had a hard time understanding what's going on if i hadn't seen it.

The game is very enjoyable when you start getting the grasp of its mechanics. Balancing production and demand, optimizing things gets addictive quickly. However, it's rather luck based in the type of planets you discover, and while you eventually unlock technology to mitigate bad luck, it can get you in bad situation early game.

It's that kind of games where, once you think you've understood it, you start going too fast and making stupid mistakes. Maybe an undo feature would be nice :)
Also, i'd like to be able to know, at any time, how much years are remaining maybe by clicking or hovering the top-right corner.

The pixel art is nice, and i like how the music gets progressively more upbeat as you progress.

I've waited to beat “challenging” before making my review, and just before the end i realized there was a tier 4 science with many promising options. As someone said before me, there is an interesting variety of playstyles. The fact that you can only pick that many techs per tier makes you want to replay with different choices.

A pretty solid prototype!