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Reviews for "Slipways"

Really hard even on "forgiving" would prefer if the navigation used wasd but not a huge issue.

Amazing game! I'm still struggling even on easy, I will try again later!

I'm surprised this isn't scoring 4.5+. So well designed, reminiscent of other atmospheric space resource games (Eufloria !) Especially considering it was done for the PICO platform. I'm interested in trying out the difference between choosing the science streams for *mining* vs *farming* the extreme planets (ice, barren, etc)

I noticed other gamers complained about the inability to cross slipstreams. It's annoying early-game in your first play through, for sure. But to anyone downvoting based on that, consider that it's an unlockable science. i.e. It's designed to be a blocking part of the gameplay.
That said, Krajzega, maybe reduce its science level or cost a little?
Seconding an undo/confirmation/preview button - I get that it's meant to be irreversible, so after any other action it should be permanent. But I made a couple mouse slips, and it ruined my planning.
Also, I understand that, given its a pico game, screen res will be small, but a zoom out view, if possible would've made a HUGE difference, even if only an extra 20~25% (so as not to see the whole map).
Amazing that you're porting this to full 3D, and that you used PICO as a concept test! I've seen part releases, but I've never seen a lo-fi prototype like that!

Great game! For me it's like a card game, but in space :) +1 for one undo. And +1 for graphics are great already :) So far managed to get only 3 stars on easiest. Also, science upgrades are replaced with every level - is that intended? Also, zoom-out for full map view would be great.

Awesome game! And I like the graphics here much more than on steam :)
Suggestion: Make an undo button. Sometimes I misclicked or misplanned and ruin my good run. Very annoying.

krajzega responds:

Huh :) Well, what's important is that you liked the game - and if you prefer things retro, I can see how you'd like this version better! :)