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Reviews for "Slipways"


It's very good but I feel having an infinite mode would be nice, without a time limit and maybe
with options for bigger universes.

this game is pretty great once you get the hang of it! at the beginning i was really confused but when i understood what was going on, i had a blast and got a huge trade empire. i cant wait till the steam release, i just kinda wish it would keep some pixel in the game.

Didn't exactly get this, but cool!

Perfect for a test-like version. Can't wait for Steam Release.

Please add a way to edit the end of the game, shorter time or longer, and let it be a smaller or bigger map depending on year time frame. Also add an endless mode with a larger map, maybe some achievements, and a record system for all game completes. Saw Steam trailer and love the idea of split tech trees and disasters.

I would love a book of loops that you can pull up mid-game to see stuff like hiveworld into scavenge into algae back to hiveworld and scavenge (aka what can fuel a thing, to fuel a thing, to fuel a the first thing) and the cost of each loop and their left over items for trade.

All in all great game ready for its upgrades.