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Reviews for "Slipways"

Great game! For me it's like a card game, but in space :) +1 for one undo. And +1 for graphics are great already :) So far managed to get only 3 stars on easiest. Also, science upgrades are replaced with every level - is that intended? Also, zoom-out for full map view would be great.

Amazing game! I'm still struggling even on easy, I will try again later!

I love this game! its got a good pixel art style, the gameplay is nice and its just fun!

pretty good gameplay and a very pleasing 16 bit asthetics

I agree that an endless / timeless mode would be a welcome addition. I feel it would be just as entertaining with the addition of a larger map, and that a new mechanic would be welcome but unnecessary for me to enjoy the option of playing without a time limit. An undo button, even one limited to only the very last thing you did, would be great. I understand that this platform may not support all of that, and also that this is a mini-version of the larger game. I hope that you take the suggestions given here into consideration for the full game or for future titles from you.

This game is DOPE AF for the platform, as is.

krajzega responds:

Glad you like it!
In fact, all of the things you mentioned are already implemented or planned in the full game - they were common requests for the PICO-8 version :)