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DUG 10 km2 5 Points

You dig this game


Oh... a bunny


You found life on this planet!

100 PLANTS 10 Points

It starts to look a lot more green...

DUG 100 km2 10 Points

You really dig this game


First man on this planet!

100 BUNNIES 50 Points

Oh no, more bunnies...

100 HUMANS 0 Points

The dawn of mankind...

1000 HUMANS 0 Points

This planet will never be the same...

Author Comments


You landed on an empty planet with nothing on it. But perhaps by digging a little, you might find something.

This is a God game created for Ludum Dare 45: Start with nothing.


ARROWS to move
SPACE to dig and examine.
TAB to leave, enter spaceship.
H for help


Grow your world until you reach 1000 humans.


**Dev notes:**

This game was a real torture to make!

So I came up with this brilliant idea. How about instead of programming the AI, I just let players do it themselves? Cause really, I really suck and programming AI and I didn't feel like it. So I came up with this convoluted dialog system to setup AI, and it was even more difficult than making the AI itself. Plus for testing, I did have to come up with semi descent AI, using my convoluted system.

Anyway, halfway through, I was thinking let's just ditch that idea... then I changed my mind and left it in there.

So there you go. A game halfway done, missing all the AI, but you as a player get to fill in the blank. I did manage to multiply my rabbit population, then gave up afterwards cause it was too complicated. So if you do manage to reach the two last achievements, please do let me know cause I haven't even got to that point yet.

- Added the ability to import/export AI and get that persisted across games.
- Added mutation (color plant).
- Removed some restriction on spreading bunnies.

UPDATE (10/10):
- Given that nobody's able to make humans, I enable the menu with some hints on how to enable evolution of bunnies, and made them improvable.

- Lower evolve restrictions of bunny to HIGH energy from MAX.

- At last, LOAD and SAVE added!

Link for download:

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Getting a lot plants was easy
Getting a lot bunnies once I grew a lot plants.
I had to run an errand at that point so didn't get too far with humans.
Maybe if the save works we shall see.

I pressed the D key and it downloaded something...

Edit: That makes a lot more sense now. Thank you.

jacklehamster responds:

I think it's your saved game.

this is such a neat game- I love the design of it and the feeling of a large world

128 bunnies
my programming was too good
they repopulate every second after eating
my world is doomed

This is a very interesting game and i will have to come back and explore more of it when i have time

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2019
2:46 AM EDT
  • JavaScript
  • Piskel
  • BeepBox