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Reviews for "Minigod"

Ok, great idea, but... such a big game and no saving? Unforgivable. Besides, after some time of playing it just got disconnected from NG. I should be awarded for 2 more things: digging 100 km and having 100 plants. With this problem I doubt if anybody will earn the final medals.

As for the gameplay: there is too much running around. There should be some setting for a general control, like for example if plants are at age x to y then they are focusing on z, later evolving or spreading etc. I just can't think of a situation where I would have to manage hundreds of plants/bunnies/humans the way it looks like now.

And one more thing: when plants/sprouts/bunnies are too close to each other it is impossible to examine each one of them.


As for saving: what is the "shape" of the generated world? Is it considered by the game as "unlimited"? You could make it so the world would look like a sphere for the player - if you would go to the left far enough digging you would finally end up where you started. But that would be just a visual effect, because in fact the game world could be actually a square with "teleports" on the borders. And if we got a square then the game could remember the x,y values, remember where a plant or a bunny was located. Though I agree that saving the status of the plants would be more problematic.

jacklehamster responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Save is difficult to add to this game, but I'll try to incorporate that in future versions. Note you can save AI now.

The game seems to be very buggy. It's hard to review the game that looks unifinished. The "god" character seem to disappear after interacting with the first rabbit, which seems weird. Not really sure how to play it properly :(

jacklehamster responds:

Sorry for the bug, I hope the latest version is more stable for you.