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Reviews for "Minigod"

Very intriguing and novel game here! While the animation of the main character is impressive and very cute, the rest of the world and interface was quite bland. Was a bit difficult to learn how to play the game as well due to the overloaded tutorial, but once you come to terms with it, its incredible in its scale: like some sort of weird automated Harvest Moon! Unfortunately I had tons of performance issues with this game and could barely play it, but I do love the concept behind it and will try and play it further later on to see if I have better luck.

Wow, this is intriguing.
There isn't much instructions on what to do here, I really would like to learn this game.

Right now, I've only discovered how to make plants spread on their own without my assistance.
(Teach: On Spread Chance[max], and On Surrounding[nothing], and Random Chance[90%], then Spread).

I've grown a garden of plants.
I have more than what I can think I can do with!

I am currently trying to figure out commands for the bunnies. They just sit idly by without knowledge to survive.

May I ask how do I download it? (For offline gameplay, of course) I've clicked the link in the description and I have found a link saying "Downloads and Links". If not, well, shucks.

Awesome! Thanks!

It's impossible get 100 bunnies, 100 plants and 100 humans

I am done with this but was fun nonetheless

I always seem to lose the ability to move after a while. I can drill. The game is still going, but I can't move.