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Platform Picasso

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1 5 Points

Beat level 1!

10 5 Points

Beat level 10!

2 5 Points

Beat level 2!

3 5 Points

Beat level 3!

4 5 Points

Beat level 4!

5 5 Points

Beat level 5!

6 5 Points

Beat level 6!

7 5 Points

Beat level 7!

8 5 Points

Beat level 8!

9 5 Points

Beat level 9!

11 10 Points

Beat level 11!

12 10 Points

Beat level 12!

13 10 Points

Beat level 13!

14 10 Points

Beat level 14!

15 10 Points

Beat level 15!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A and D or Left and Right Arrows to move
Space, W, or Up Arrow to Jump
1-5 or click on the color blocks to select paint
Click and Drag to paint
R to reset
C to clear
M to mute
Esc to return to the main menu
In freeplay: Shift + 1-9 to change the COLOR of the paint you're using
Backspace to hide/show GUI (for screenshot purposes)

Platform Picasso is a platformer in which you have to paint various types of platforms in order to reach the end of each of the 15 levels.
There is also a Free Play mode where you can do whatever you want with infinite paint!

Please note: infinite paint means that Free Play is really only limited by computer performance. Painting too much (especially with the moving paints) can quickly slow down the game to the point of freezing. Just be cautious.
Also note that due to the limitations of WebGL, creations in Free Play unfortunately cannot be saved, aside from taking screenshots.
Final note: clicking and dragging off of the game window will cause the game to lose focus. This may cause your paintbrush to paint without your input. To fix this, simply click back on the game window to make it regain focus. Try not to draw off of the game window.

If you take any good screenshots of your creations in game, we'd love to see them in the Platfrom Picasso Discord server: https://discord.gg/E4TwMwz

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I like the concept behind this game, I've seen similar color-based platformers, but it's not so common to affect my score. The jankiness when you die and are reset to the beginning was rather unpleasant.
Some of the deaths seemd unfair, when things were moving on the screen, I seemed to die before I hit it, maybe a result of the aforementioned jankiness? And when standing on the fading blue platform, the guy jumps when it disappears, so if I've painted too high at the end, I can't wait in the middle of the platform for it to fade away.

Trippy, love it, 🦕🦕

I can see some nuance to the controls here. Meant to trip you up a bit and make you really think about your next move, yeah?
I dunno. I think it's alright.

this is crazy, this is probably the only time I've seen this, one of the best concept ever combined with one of the worst combination ever. I really love the concept and I feel bad you're getting such bad reviews, this isn't bad, just needs a lot of polishing! But yeah the concept is awesome, and good music :)

GoodL responds:

Haha thank you. Don't feel bad about the reviews, there are plenty of good ones too. I honestly feel like the game's score is more than fair, and I got a front page and a daily award out of it, I'd say despite all it's flaws, this whole ordeal was a success for being a first game project on NG. :) Thanks again.

gameplay is kinda sucky and unresponsive. music is cool but thats really the only good thing here.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2018
9:30 PM EDT