Reviews for "Platform Picasso"

5/5 stars because like most of Picasso's paintings, this was really well done. My only problem is the fact that the camera is bound to the character, and it makes levels 13 and 14 especially harder, because that makes jumping and painting pretty hard. It makes other levels easier though, so maybe a choice in the settings bar? Other than that, I have no complaints. It was a fun afternoon, and i'm proud to be one of the first to get certain medals. Bragging rights are mine! Cannot wait for new levels, and will definitely get those bragging rights as well.

GoodL responds:

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and I appreciate you pointing out that bug for me!

Trippy, love it, 🦕🦕

Wow nice job! Reminds me of "Draw Play" but with different effect-lines. Like mentioned it is limited to computer performance, so I assume that is why my actions are delayed and thus can't manage the last levels, those that require timing. I'll just give up on those. ^^'

PS: can we get a hint for the secret medal? :D (Thank you! Got it! )

Edit: Also big + that we can play any level, skip any level - that none are locked.

GoodL responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah, a friend of mine showed me Draw Play while I was working on this project and I loved those games, definitely classics. Sorry to hear you experienced delay in the levels, I tested this game on every computer I have access to, some with very poor computing power, and never had any trouble in the levels (only in free play), so that's troubling to hear.

The secret medal involves spending some time to create a masterpiece... :)

I chose not to lock the levels because the medals already provide incentive to beat them, and I didn't want people getting stuck forever.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your review!

As yound said, pretty reminiscent of Draw Play with an addition of some pretty cool new lines. My favorite is the moving one. My main complaint is bugs. For example, the one I had most trouble with is the disappearing line pushing the player either up or to the side, as it disappears. The other main one is that the game starts drawing a line immediately after the player spawns into the next level, without the mouse being pressed, causing the selected paint to empty and having to restart the level. Other than that, it was a fun game. Fun levels! Could use more music though

EDIT: Didn't realize it was a feature, I guess it felt kind of weird, maybe because it's supposed to pop but it kind of fades away slowly? (Don't mistake this for me subtly being a dick about what happened, it's not the case, but given the history I guess it could come off that way) Bumped the score, my bad.

GoodL responds:

Thank ya! I'll keep working on it to see if I can't fix some bugs. The light blue paint is supposed to push the player away when it pops (couldn't get it to fall like I had suggested during the last days of development, it was too late and that would have required too many significant changes to the code, so instead of disappearing and returning 50%, it pops and returns 75%). I agree that a couple more songs would be nice to fill out the soundtrack a bit more.
Thanks again for everything.

got up to level 11, skipped 8, too hard. I really like this man, the mechanics are quite creative and the level design is smart. Sro put some nice chilled beats in this, great job you two.

A few improvements would be having a fixed camera that moves on its own when a player reaches a certain section of the level. For example in level 8, whenever the player jumps down to lower heights, the camera then transitions to that matching height. This allows the player to see where he is going, control the jumps a little better and to avoid being suprised by an unseen moving dot/red obstacle.

Sound effects would also be recommended. Things such as level complete sounds and lose/death sounds as to give player audio feedback. I recommend using these sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKWcIaJtS6Q they're awesome.

Well Best of luck dude and Keep Going!

GoodL responds:

Thanks a lot! Your camera idea is definitely the best I've heard so far, I'll keep it in mind. I definitely thought about using sound effects but I think I was worried about it interfering with the music, but I supposed that wouldn't be too much of a problem. Thanks again for the feedback, means a lot to me!