Reviews for "Platform Picasso"

Beyond awful. Controls are not as responsive as they should be. But then again, the controls suck anyway. The fact that you can't move the camera is also unforgivable. I hate games that are anal about precision. The game demands from me a perfect precision, but sadly, the controls make achieving such perfection impossible, as well as the object themselves are designed crappily. The game is not fun, but rather a torture. Yellow paint can get stuck, even when you restart, blue paint works wonkily, but frankly, don't fix that, as it actually improves the game, because I don't think it's possible to beat the game otherwise. I know I won't beat it myself, due to the game being bad, so I guess I have to just give up that one. And yes, I am biased, I hate unity games. I wish unity games were forbidden on NG. When you look at most of unity games on NG, you'll notice that they have barely any plays, views, and rarely have good reviews. And yet, for some reason people think it's a good idea to make a unity game. Nope, put your unity crap elsewhere.

GoodL responds:

You know, it's funny, back in 2017 when we spoke for a while through PMs I thought you were nice and thoughtful (we talked about philosophy and I think music a bit?), and now here ya are living up to your username. Almost makes me wonder if it's just a character you play.
Anyway, thanks for giving it a try despite your hatred for Unity games. I'll probably keep working with Unity since the majority of people don't seem to have a problem with it and it's the engine I'm most familiar with (aside from Flash but obviously with Flash's impending doom there's really no sense in making Flash games anymore).
Sorry you didn't enjoy the game.

The game works just fine on my Windows system. I don't know why other people are experiencing issues.

There are some frustrating parts like in the second level where you keep hitting your head against the red outer boundaries ... (You might want to make it more forgiving, especially in the early levels).

I like the idea of the different colors having different physical properties. Although we have seen games of this type before, that's something I think is a new twist on the genre. Very creative!

Just an idea: You could replace the main character with Picasso's Harlequin or something similar ...


The game was frustrating, the brush wouldn't work (I.E Not paint or paint on its own) and it was hard to judge the distance when the camera is focused on the character the entire time, I would suggest a full-screen effect. Its a great idea, just not realized very well.

The stages where things besides yourself are moving, so that'd be level 11 on, become impossible on some computers because the paintbrush refuses to paint and/or only sometimes paints (even if you have enough paint "ammo" left) due to terrible resource management on the part of the programmer. Incidentally it's also why the game has terrible performance just overall.

Go ahead and rate me down like you did with the other honest, but low-scoring review as it's clear you're a type who can't handle constructive criticism and believes your creations are perfect as-is.

The music is good, but certainly not the programming.

GoodL responds:

There have been several low-scoring reviews that provided actual constructive criticism that I was happy to receive. The review that you're talking about was not constructive in any sense, it was just ignorant. It was also 50% nonsense (What does "Who ever thought doing this under a time should be booted." even mean? The game isn't timed so it can't be that...) I don't mind receiving low scores, and in fact I welcome the feedback. Just saying "awful execution" isn't constructive feedback.

I tested the game on some very low-end systems without issue, so I thought we were in the clear. I did know that there would still be some variance however. Still, the game did fine on all of the beta-testers computers as well as all of the desktops and laptops of various operating systems and browsers I tested. Again, I figured there would be some computers that couldn't do it, but I never got to see that with my own eyes, so I just had to work with what I had.

And I agree with you, I don't know very much about resource management or what's going on behind the scenes on computers for the most part. I did the best I could, and I'm sorry that it didn't work well for you.

What I would say to you is to not assume so much about people you don't know. I'm far from having any sort of god-complex surrounding my work. I don't believe I've ever created anything "perfect" in my life (I certainly don't think this game is perfect by any means), and you're basing all of these assumptions off of one review I "Whatevs" reacted, which you find credible because it's a low-score. Essentially what I'm saying is you could have just given a genuine review instead of being rude.

Why is the cursor so slow? and like someone else said, sometimes it paints on its own. But it's a good idea for a game. The music is good, but doesn't fit the theme of the game in the slightest.

GoodL responds:

The cursor is slowed intentionally for various reasons. One of the reasons is because if you draw off of the game window, it will cause the game to lose focus, meaning it will no longer receive inputs, resulting in the cursor "painting on it's own," just as I stated in the description. Due to the limitations of WebGL, I cannot control this.
In future updates my intention is to put the game in a sort of frame, which will give some extra room in case people click and drag too far. That's the best I can do.