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Horrortale- Prototype

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(Use arrow keys to move. Shift to run. Space to interact).

Well here we are. The demand hasn't stopped and I finally have it in me to try building a full game.

I'm sorry for the incompleteness. What is here is not a game. Not even a demo. I can't imagine the sort of ratings I'm gonna get.

But because of the effort required to make this, I'm uploading this prototype early to receive feedback and to gauge the interest from the community in seeing this complete.

For those of you haven't played, check out Horrortale Teaser. What you see here is an expansion of that: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/677418

You can also check out the Horrortale comic series here:

Thanks to those who play.

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The running animation is way slower in the first room than in the next ones. Other than that, I love it. I really hope you do end up making a full game! (I'm in love with your comic!)

У меня вопрос такой, когда будет продолжение хоррортейла а то мы все ждем?

Hey, I noticed that the movement is a little tilted. Maybe incorporating some diagonal movements and some other angles to the movement would be much appreciated, just a minor criticism. I love this idea and the atmosphere all in all. Please continue this, even if you change it from being an Undertale fan game I feel like it would still hold up very well

good luck making this game!

i hope you can continue making this even if flash is getting discontinued

(Edit: lmao im stupid i forgot about the newgrounds player)

Im normally not super into Undertale-inspired content but this is DOPE
Why in the ''Tutorial'' Genre though?