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Horrortale- Prototype

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(Use arrow keys to move. Shift to run. Space to interact).

Well here we are. The demand hasn't stopped and I finally have it in me to try building a full game.

I'm sorry for the incompleteness. What is here is not a game. Not even a demo. I can't imagine the sort of ratings I'm gonna get.

But because of the effort required to make this, I'm uploading this prototype early to receive feedback and to gauge the interest from the community in seeing this complete.

For those of you haven't played, check out Horrortale Teaser. What you see here is an expansion of that: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/677418

You can also check out the Horrortale comic series here:

Thanks to those who play.

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Switch to another plugin for example html5, otherwise the flash player is already outdated

This is amazing. Although, I would LOVE if you made the full version after the Snowdin teaser! I am super excited. This is pure success!!! I love Horrortale itself, so to play a free version, and have a lot of fun is amazing for me.

Question: I know you are working on the rest, but, are you going to add changes to the puzzles and such?

I broke it lol

Edit: nvm

edit2: Is there anything after giving the flowers away?

I thought the only hope of a Horrortale game was going to be the independent team on gamejolt making their own, so seeing that you're looking to make the game again is really exciting! For how short this is, the teasers for room designs and the UI is really cool! I love the running and walking animations, and your art style looks so polished and fresh now! I'm really excited to see how this project progresses and give you my full support!!!

hi, i made an account just to comment here. i would love to see more of a horrortale game and i also read the comic on your deviantart. i love the au and everything you've done with it. some feedback for the prototype:

-the music is so good... the first thing i noticed was how good the music was
-art is great as always
-the walking is less smooth than the first teaser. i think you tried to make it more detailed, but maybe increasing the framerate could help? i also saw a comment saying the walking speed was slower in the first room than the others--maybe it's because of the sparkles and swaying flowers that have to be animated there. it would also be nice if the walking speed was faster in general
-i like the idea of the inventory spaces being on the screen--maybe you can click on them to interact and get flavour text
-i'm not sure the branching curls thing when you hover over a choice is necessary. the sound effect also doesn't sync up with the movement, but this is just a small nitpick
-in some places you need to walk in exactly the right place in order to interact, which makes it less smooth. (like for the patch of flowers you have to have her legs behind the flowers, and when interacting with you we have to stand in front of where you're sitting and it doesn't work if we approach from the side)
-also, in the room that you're sitting in, there's a bug where if you try to keep walking forwards into the wall, aliza keeps walking forwards even when you stop pressing the button and you can't make her stop. it goes back to normal after a little while
-it was cool seeing your behind-the-scenes concept work

it makes me really happy that you're pursuing a full game for horrortale. i hope this feedback helps!