Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

Really nice animation and drawing. As about the drawings in the house, I don't have any problems. But there are 2 things. First, when i enter to your room, there are wood sticks or planks on the floor at the entrance. I don't know the reason. Maybe a door broke. I'm not sure. The second problem is a bug when I went in your room the second time. Aliza stucked and was walking forward but she wasn't moving. I pressed some buttons of controls and I could control her again normally. These informations may are not important, but at least I wanted to say it. Well done, even it is just prototype. It is a sign that you continue your work and don't let it behind. There are people who are really interested for what will happen in that AU. I hope see your next steps soon. Good luck.

I'll start off by saying that that even though this is a prototype, this looks amazing. The animation is great, same for the controls and interactions. But sadly there was a bug I found where I was interacting sprinting to interact with the left pillar after doing so to the right one and when I tried it brought me to the end room and I no longer had control of Aliza. I'm not trying to be nitpicky about the game, it's a prototype so there are obviously going to be some bugs, I just wanted to inform you so it won't sneak its way into the final cut. Again this looks amazing and I can't wait to see the full game. Keep up the great work.

Great animation, great atmosphere always!

Can't wait for your next work!

pretty good (i accidentally voted one well i mean this)

I love the game! Though the response time for the controls is kinda slow, but that might just be the browser I use. And the art style is absolutely amazing as well as the music. So, other then response time for the controls, I have really no problems.