Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

Look so great ! I love the creepy atmosphere, the music and your style ! Keep it up !
I had some lags when i try mouvements, but, has a "demo not demo", it sound great for the moment

What was this made on?

sour-apple-studios responds:

Adobe Animate, AS3.

I like it so far but i got stuck once when trying to pick up flowers after going to the other rooms first, but overall good game :D and and good luck and hopfully the development goes nicley :P And lastly i would like to say that, if this is going to be a horror game i wold like it if you dont do any "high quality-bodily organs" im not saying you will but you know, just in case :D

Wow. You were not kidding when you said this was short.

Aesthetic is just as good from before, and I liked the choice of music you had here as well. All of it is pretty nice.

Gameplay wise... I'm impressed at what you got, honestly.

I mean no offense when I say this, but I didn't think you'd actually be able to make a solid foundation here coding wise, but it works just fine. I can't break it by spamming shift, interacting works just great. You even got dialogue up and running, and I hate doing dialogue.

I did replay it, and saw what happens if you break the music. Thorough! I kinda love that, honestly.

It plays smoothly, and if there was a game here, god knows I'd play it. All that being said, 2 cause y'know... it still is about 2 seconds long.

I only found one bug! When I restart it, Aliza starts off running, without me pressing shift whatsoever. Kinda minor, and it fixes when you press shift again. Thought you should know.

All that being said, I do read the comic, and I half hoped that you would allow choice like you did in the comic.. but honestly, now i'm of the party against that because you are one person (right?) and that would be MASSIF amounts of work to get changing paths of that complexity. I'd be super happy if there was any of the horror tale story in playable form!

I think that's about all I got, hope this happens man!

the only thing i ran into is that in the starting screen it's super laggy compared to the rest of the test demo.