Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

not so bad, i look forward to a later release. i noticed a major issue out of the gate. i needed to reload the game a few times and click around messing with keys just to get my character to start moving and the space and arrow keys were not scrolling the window, it wasn't anything like that. i had difficulty in the game recognizing control inputs.

im guessing its normal, but it lags a bit with the yellow flower animation in the background. the music is really good, and so are the movements and animation. this looks great so far!

Not sure if this is only on my end but when collecting flowers after i already collected it or at the painting clicking interact/space while walking left or right. She continues to walk after the dialogue is over while i'm doing nothing, she stops if you click any direction.

tapping up and up and down skips walking animation compare to holding up and down.

Great game tho nice smooth controls

So far, this prototype is amazing! Love how it looks so far, very nicely done. Nice BG music, btw

Great prototype! I experienced a glitch where, i couldn't do anything after getting the flowers.
Good either way!

sour-apple-studios responds:

Thanks for playing. Did the girl just stand there, not moving? Or was she playing an animation?