Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

I like how some of the art styles are different from the usual Under tale pixelated forms, It adds diversity to the game. What I suggest is making the door mechanic a little less awkward, like the way you have to press forward then space feels really unnatural for a Under tale game. Could you also add maybe a transition when you enter within a door? Maybe just a faded out screen.
I would also like to know how the battle mechanic would work, but other then that I would love to see you complete this game soon!

Biggest surprise in anything related to Horrortale. I didn't die after an action or after moving two screens. Well. Using door/passages feels awkward. I didn't fut how to use them at first, because you can't use them or walk into them. I spend some time figuring out that you have to face door and than walk in one more time. One more thing. You can't run up/down but if you move up/down while walking/running left/right Character can move up/down fast or very fast.

As a Undertale fan, I really like this, and the AU as well. I see a bright future for this game and for you, I'll check out the Deviantart comic, anyways this was a fun little test for this upcoming game. A little shorter compared to some other Demos/Prototypes. 10/10 (Or 5 stars for the Newgrounds rating system.) Oh, and once this game is completed, will it be free? Or will it require us to pay to play? Cause I would spend a few bucks for this game. And would I require steam? Anyways, thats all my questions, and like I said, a 10/10 game. Would definitely play full game.

I like it! I follow the comic on Deviantart, so I'm excited for this. My only complaint is that sometimes it will glitch when entering the room to talk to SourApple. Aliza will just keep walking straight regardless of which buttons I'm actually pressing, or even if I'm not pressing anything at all. I would also have liked a bit of instruction on controls. I had to press around on my keyboard before I realized [space] was used to interact.

I really love this. Though I am curious. Was the music stopping from not doing the thing an actual meta thing, or a meta thing that covered an actual glitch? Either way it was really well done, and I hope to see more in the future. Good luck!