Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

I like it so far! My only issue is that the walking sound continues after the 1st run through when I played again. I'm guessing I was still walking when I interacted with ya at the end, & it continued on after I hit play again. But otherwise it was good. :3

This game seems promising...

But needs control-inputs, furthermore would i prefer the W-A-S-D-keys much more than the arrow-keys.

The hidden chamber is pretty quiet to find, even for a testversion ( I had to search it for more than 2 minutes [Emoji] )

I get scared when i don't gived the flowers. :(

I really enjoyed this prototype so far, I don't really have anything to criticize here since it's pretty short. But I do hope the finished version would be swell!

My hope is that with time, love, and dedication, this game will turn into the next Fran Bow.
The vibe is certainly there.