Reviews for "Horrortale- Prototype"

breaking the fourth wall. . . .. .. nice tough XD if you finish you should have Sans break the fourth wall for you ^_-

This looks very promising, I love the artstyle for this game, and the controles right now feel pretty solid.
The one thing I hope you won't do though, is fill it with jumpscares, mabey one or two here and there, but not the whole game. I feel that this will be a scareier game if this game is mor psycological - orented.
there was one glitch i found, though, if you go through the doorway while running, you keep walking in the next room, even if you let go of the arrow key. you can't stop walking unless you click back on the game and press the direction you are walking, but this glitch may just be with my laptop.
Keep up the good work Sour Apple, I'll keep an eye out for this one.

You have no idea how happy this makes me to see this! And wow look how much it's improved from the teaser!

Potential bug find, I picked the poppies, and then the girl proceeded to walk right without my commanding her. I thought it was some kind of "movie" thing, but then realized when she kept going in the second room that it wasn't.

One potential thing to implement would be a sort of interaction awareness feature. I kept mousing about as if to try to find something to click on, but that didn't work. Having the space bar to interact is no issue, rather I'm just lost on what I can interact with, and how. Looking over the maps for future game installments and rooms, I find it somewhat confusing on how you'd be able to interact with just the space bar for objects that are above/below each other?

Great art and animation i love the little details you added to the text box as well the the fact you gave us just what i would call a teaser others a prototype but i don't care about that what i care about is when you begin to give us details and such on how far you are on this project. I personally love when a content creator dose this such as in P.T with the whole pieces of paper thing to get the ending of the game. I would love to see more progress on this and i do hope you work hard thats the only way any thing this good becomes even better good luck.

i love it! though when you enter the room with the tree painting it kinda glitched out so i had to wait a few seconds before i could walk forward