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Colossal Cave (Unfinished)

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My unfinished game for Ludum Dare 36. Made within in 72 hours.
You can get to the next floor, but it's very broken from then on.

Super enjoyed making this game, maybe my favorite one so far!

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Is this really a strategy game?

couldnt get through the first level because i had to wait so long for that second little bastard to slowly find pickaxes so i could slowly mine the wall and then (i didnt finish the first level so i dont want to presume, but i will anyway) slowly build the gambling machine.

you'll enjoy it if you like slow games

Dammit... I hate seeing the upload date vs today's date... makes me feel like this game will never be finished. It's a really good game and I can see how broken the second floor is.

Kinda can't give an original piece of criticism here since everything is obvious and there are 17 pages of comments so far xD

Game feels good but is lacking Music, Mute button, volume Adjuster( Too loud), Mini map would be good too, possible upgrades to speed up digging, and keep your extra diggers as you proceed to the next floor, maybe add some RPG elements like fighting monsters, different types of Pickaxes!

addictive. i look forward to seeing the finished version. its really fun.