Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

Pretty amazing!

good game , nice graphics and great sfx

Creative gameplay 5/5

Better than maincreft.

Non-joke review:
Awesome game, and if you update it, people would likely to even buy it, since it's fun to play and they would share easily to their friends.
I would buy the game by a probability of 100% if the game gets totally "unbugged" (without bugs) and completed with more stuff like upgrades (or even without upgrades the game would be fun) and lots of other stuff!

This game has lots of potential. Looks great and has nice sounds, although I would like a broader soundscape. Colossal Cave reminds me of Dwarf Complete, which I massively enjoyed, but has its own unique feel.
However, it is unfinished and lacks a clear objective - or I just didn't get it. Surely there should be an goal in addition to looting. Still, I would definitely play the finished game. Looking forward to it!