Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

love this game.could explore the caves all day.

This game is about drawing lines in the restricted area and exploring new tiles for additional resources. The first part feels like it does not belong here: although pathfinding mechanism works relatively well (and is finely animated), it does not have any gameplay purpose, and therefore serves as a rather pointless gimmick. The second part feels enjoyable since each of the rock tiles present a potential surprise, but only for a short time, since the variety of surprises exhausts quickly and the risk is nonexistent.
Unfortunately, this only enjoyable part of the game is arbitrarily limited by the maximum number of pickaxes, which, gameplay wise does not serve any purpose too. It does not become obvious until you stop picking the right tiles (the ones that can lead you to treasure). After this, the only way to replenish the number of your pickaxes is through little magnifying glass-buddies, and they produce this recourse only after a very arbitrarily limited (again!) period of time. After this 80% of the game time becomes a tedious waiting, during which you have nothing to do. Fruit machine does not help either, since it operates on the other resource that you can only obtain through the use of pickaxes... In my opinion those arbitrary limitations break the only fun part of the game. Why not just let player explore the cave freely, or at least give him something to do while he waits for the next resource pack?

wow great game please make a full version

Excellent on fx, anim, sound and handling.
Game: nope.

Simple but nice concept, reminds me a lot of Rock Raiders. :) Inspiration by any chance?

GuyUngerNL responds:

hahah, absolutely.
I was obsessed with that game when I was little