Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

Started 3 games, glitched into unplayability three times.

first time i had no miners anymore after transitioning to level 2, second time i made it to lvl2, but the items were unusable down there (the weights werent even clickable, the gambling machine took my hearts, played its anymation and then did nothing)
third playthrough, everything went greyish/darker (like a darker filter over the complete screen) after building the machine on the first floor, but nothign was clickable anymore.
Win10, FF48.02, flash and stuff is up to date (to lazy to check versions now)

i get 72h is -very- short for a game, yet alone one that looks so promising, but thats just unplayable...

hope that helps.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Hey I'm sorry about that! I did mention in the description "You can get to the next floor, but it's very broken from then on."
the unfinished game kind of ends there, sorry!

For the 72, its a pretty entretaining game. I can just simply mne all day. Its so fun.

Bad that the GMachine just broke up in the next floor </3 i was hoping hahaha i love it

Nice game. Bug: after I made the gambling machine, the companions kept running in the background, and the machine's menu didn't load up.

plz do every one a favor. MAKE THIS INTO A FULL SIZED GAME!!!. i truly enjoyed the short game play there was. i am understanding of the bugs and such considering you made it in 3 days. but plz make a full game from this.

doge says: much potential

GuyUngerNL responds:

Still working on some small projects, then I should start working on this one!
I never liked doge, but I hope he's right this time ;)

The graphics are absolutely adorable to me, and that's just a bonus to this game. It's not that original but some nice twists were added. I had lots of fun playing it, despite the game bugging often after crafting the gambling machine. Hope you can finish it, and for starters get a save game option and fix this machine. :)

GuyUngerNL responds: