Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

I love how this has turned out so far. This is a great and simple concept with a nice look and feel. I can only imagine how awesome this would be if it were completed. I really hope that you are planning on finishing this. Very nice work.

As most, I really really like this game, and hope you have the time to complete it. I even had fun on the second floor where it was buggy :).

Super excited to see the training(?) tablet. Sounds like good things to come!

This was a great game. Whenever I built the gambling machine the screen dimmed and I could no longer move my character, but I still can't wait for the final version of this.

this is one SUPER awesome game!
l really loved it!
and i am astounded you made this in 3 days good job!
as others said i would love to see some fighting but maybe only one main character (the 1st miner) and you power him up as you go
one idea i have is to have a main dungeon that is too large and the main goal is to dig it all up
and to have sup dungeons with monsters and important loot which without you cant finish the main dungeon

very nice game. impressive you made this in 72 hours.