Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

This is a very interesting game concept! I would love to see this ported to android as I could see it's controls being translated very easily to the mobile platform.

I found that in this build, pressing the R key re-generates the cave, but any chests you open will be empty and you then appear to be stuck.

When progressing down to another floor, any extra helpers, miners, and devices persist at the position they were in the previous floor. Perhaps making it so they disappear, or make sure the game generates enough empty space to be around 1 of the miners so it can place the extras.

I like how you can use the arrow keys to quickly move the map around. It would be nice to either have a mini-map or a feature to scroll out the map with the scroll wheel.

Something that could make this more interesting is to have a miner, and a fighter to fight off monsters, and have monsters lurk in caves. If a fighter dies, the miner could fight, but not very well. If all miners and fighters die, it could then be game over.

Adding other features besides caves would be nice too. Along with the fighters I mentioned, have multiple types of fighters, warriors, archers, and mages. If you dig around, make it so that some floors could have dungeons, the dungeons would have very tough blocks to break, encouraging you to send a fighting NPC through to loot the chests that would spawn in the dungeons in abundance, along with monsters.

Implementing a level system could be cool as well.
Miners gain XP from mining.
Helpers gain XP from finding stuff.
Fighers gain XP from killing monsters.
Each NPC can get to level 10 max.
Each level increases what every NPC could do.
For example:
Miners: Increased mining speed, chance re-use a pickaxe, more loot from mining blocks.
Fighters: Increased health, increased health regen, increased attack, more loot from chests.
Helpers: Increased loot from finding stuff, decreased time between finding stuff, ability to douse walls for caves, dungeons, ore, etc. (up to 3 spaces in all four directions at Level 10)

These are just my thoughts on how you could build upon this game.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Hey awesome list of ideas! The bugs I'm aware of, but since the game is already unfinished I didn't bother to fix them. Better fix that in a proper release.
I really like all the idea's you mentioned here, except maybe about that there can be a game over.
I'd like it to be more a game where you slowly build up a big underground empire, which you don't just lose by running out of men, but I think I'll try to find some system to make it fair and have interesting combat.
Thanks for the review!

Awesome game! Nice art and gameplay. Just like it was said right below, a system of EXP would be great. I understand the hurry to complete this part of the game, but a little explanation of the character's goal would be nice too. But every time I tried to build the mysterious device, the game screen fade it a little and I could not move the character, although the helpers continued to find the picks. (sorry for my english)

GuyUngerNL responds:

Yess XP system would definitely be good! Should probably look into that bug as it makes it unplayable for quite some people.
your English is great ;)

I would LOVE to see a finished version of this game.

Creative gameplay 5/5

Dammit... I hate seeing the upload date vs today's date... makes me feel like this game will never be finished. It's a really good game and I can see how broken the second floor is.

Kinda can't give an original piece of criticism here since everything is obvious and there are 17 pages of comments so far xD