Reviews for "Colossal Cave (Unfinished)"

My guess is that every chest should have something. After the first teleport all my chests show a shadow with nothing in it. I guess this is the bug, please fix it soon.

Overall a good game.

Such games we should get a vote for in Steam Greenlight. Just saying. And yes: I won't care to have it for early access and see, how development is going on. Any chance to get this happen? And yes: I wouldn't care for 15 to 20 bucks for a full game with a few nice ideas and active development - you decide. And as I read other reviews, you should go for it :).

Really fun game! Lots of promise. I would play this for hours.
It is always a treat looking for hidden treasure.
I love this game a lot

GuyUngerNL responds:


Ok, you had a small time window to make a game, I can respect that. What I didnt see was a tutorial, and that is essential, even a small indication of how to move, cause I couldn't...moving the mouse and using the arrow keys moved the camera while I just stood there. I will say the effect on the perspective was cool, looked 3d from top down view but again I couldn't move. Pressed all keys when arrows and w,a,s,d failed me. R made me teleport room to room. Keep in mind this is stuck on level one, cant move, teleport with R. Is this some kind of joke?

GuyUngerNL responds:

you're not the only one to ask for a tutorial, but you seem to be the only one to not figure out the game at all..

Maybe expand upon this game? It's really fun to play so far.

GuyUngerNL responds:

would love to, thanks!