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Sinmara Saga

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A bit different but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Skarr needs the great weapon Lævateinn in order to protect her people. However it is protected by the mighty Jötunn, a fallen race. Now Skarr prepares for her final battle with the one called Sinmara, the last of the Jötunn, who is quietly mourning the loss of her people.

Director/Creator/Animator/Compositor/Writer/Actor -
Jason Hendrich

Music -
Norihiko Hibino
Dale North

Sound Design -
Douglas Lassance
Jason Hendrich

Character Modeling -
Jenni Hendrich

Rigging -
Josh Cogswell
Justin Callanan

Voice Acting -
Sara Komacek
Jennifer Marcus Perez

2D FX Animation Plates -
Rinat Timerkaev
Jason Hendrich

Special Thanks
Simon Lee
Douglas Lassance
Chris Boylan
Jenni Hendrich

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Now this was intense the "CHARCTERS" and the action battle scene was intense love the effects, I would ad more effects to the battle scene and other view shots, This is no simple work here because anyone can make just about anything and call it a masterpiece but you have gone one step beyond and added some creativity.

I would ad more effects to the battle scene and other view shots



Nice cell-shaded animated fight with plenty of references to classic JRPG too. ^_^
I wish I could see stuff like that more often !

I truly hope there's more to come. That was amazing. 4 stars because everyone knows black cats bring you bad luck. It wasn't my decision, I swear.