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Reviews for "Sinmara Saga"

Five stars. Gorgeous animation and aesthetic. Had a cat. And because I figure the "Awaken" instead of "Awakened" was on purpose as a nod to badly translated games. ;)

4 stars for 'You have AWAKEN Sinmara'. should be AWAKENED. FIFTY BILLION GOLD STARS FOR MATHEMATICAL EXCELLENCE for the EPIC AWESOME fight choreography and animation holy shit you bastard you win the internet.
;) great job, bro!!!!

the typical final battle unfair of the boss

Wow. That was an incredibly well animated fight scene.

I've returned to re-watch this animation many times. It invokes a strange feeling of nostalgia, despite being based on a non-existent game. The audio is perfect, and plays into the visuals flawlessly. The impacts of the punches feel weighty and the cut-to-finish ending never ceases to make me smile, or laugh. I'd play the shit out of Sinmara Saga. Make it.