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Reviews for "Sinmara Saga"

WOW amazing animation and great fighting sequence, I mean even in high quality anime with high budget can't do such great fights.

Fuck that was fucking awesome you brilliant fucker.

A great animation! the wall of buttons remind me of the 'button masher' games and had me cracking up. Kudos on the entire production!

I really well animated and directed piece, and I love how anti climatic the end is!

Now I only need the game! :D

I often lament the fact that animated fight scenes focus so much on portraying the speed of their characters that they sacrifice impact and weight, but this masterpiece finds the perfect balance. Even though the characters fought incredibly swiftly, I could sense the strength and weight behind every attack. The choreography is everything except flawed as far as I'm concerned. I really hope any and all animator or future animators who watch this take note and study how to portray weight, momentum and physical impact in their fight scenes.

As a side note, the creator's love for these types of games comes through without a hint of ambiguity, props for having a live action goof in an animation that didn't come across as forced or awkward.

I really wish I had something critical to say about it but, even though I'm sure that perfection is unreachable, I can't for the life of me find anything that diminishes how much I loved and enjoyed this video.