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Reviews for "Sinmara Saga"

Great movie! I was doubly impressed, first by the switch to 3d, and second by the fact that the 3d is really well done! I think the animation was very smooth, moreso than Knights of Sidonia or Ajin, so kudos! Keep up the good work!

Jason-H responds:

Thanks so much!

Amazing animation and color. Was this a thesis project?

Jason-H responds:

No I did it in my spare time outside of work. I've been trying to figure out toonshading for the past year or so.

excellent use of cel shading, man that was perfect, At first I thought it was really elaborate symbol work using flash.
Might I humbly suggest you use a noise filter on the lines for the cel shader and maybe even go in and
hand draw some smears/doubles to really sell the 2d look.

Jason-H responds:

That's actually a pretty cool idea. I'll try messing with it.

That was fucking sick!

That was a pretty charming and well done animation! I felt very entertained by the well animated fighting motions.