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Reviews for "Sinmara Saga"

Very well directed! The camera work was amazing. Great job!

You won the Weekly User's Choice but only Daily 3rd Place?! That's incredible! Actually, that's a great way to describe this entire cartoon. It was cool to have something live-action at first. I admit that I thought it would be sprite work the whole way through. The end was very funny.

Nice cat. I just loved the animation in this. I couldn't tell it was CGI. It looked like traditionally animated stuff. That's a compliment, not an insult. I don't know what "Sinmara" means. I'm so glad I checked the classic portal for this great cartoon!

A really cool legit animation really liked it, even thou im not so into anime. But this changes a few things here and there, this is awesome!

Player 1: Left, Upleft, Up, Upright, right, downright, down, downleft... Player 2: X

Incorrect blitz command input!

Player 1: Left, right.... Player 2: X

Incorrect blitz command input!

Player 1: Attack

Sinmara is like having a player 2. Better go with Edgar.

Love the video. This brought back some memories of late night gaming with my ol' surfing buddy and his SNES and our constant self sabotage when we took turns playing sabin.

Wonderfully put together, and smooth animations. I had to laugh at the "are you sure" prompt due to the multiple times i've failed that warning. "Can't escape" Hah! Yeah, I've tried too.

I saw pummel! Cheers to you sir thou and may your friends never abandon you on the floating continent. Thou!

Outside the video, no way was this animated in flash. Was this animated in flash? No way. It's amazing animation regardless.

Jason-H responds:

It wasn't animated in flash...

Or was it?