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Reviews for "Sinmara Saga"

Loved it, the theme, the music, the fighting, I found Sinmara's model pretty amazing, it gave me a sort of albino Bosmer vibe.

Ah QuickTimeEvents, the unenjoyable stone put into out path of becoming that awesome maincharacter, by reminding us, that we are actually only pushing buttons on a controller...
Nice take on that and with amazing fighting and animations O.O

Just one thing about the story: how can a race with such badass characters AND in possession of whatever awesome weapon Skarr is looking for, go extinct?

Jason-H responds:

If I can beat this damn boss, I might find out one day.

If you enjoy beautifully animated fight scenes, this is the video for you!

That was quite a watch. Interesting how the bad guy won in all of this

i don't like the character design but the movie is really cool :D !

Jason-H responds:

Well, I don't like your face! Glad you liked it!